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Choose your preferred color,the right color that fits your house and beloved car.

Jan. 13, 2021


Choose your preferred color,the right color that fits your house and beloved car.

Color options: Gray,Yellow,Blue,Brown,White and Green.






Our this modern carport is not only the beautiful appearance,but has also been designed to withstand the extreme climate like tyhoon with strong wind,heavy rain and snow,storm and so on.


This carport is high and big enough for all cars and big SUV.



Features & Advantages:

1)Provides protection from harsh weather conditions (i.e sun, UV rays, heat, rain and hail damage)

2)PVDF (Polvinylidine Fluoride) coated membrane,will not sag,fade,rot or mildew

3)Does not require building plans or permission.

4)Requires little or no civil work,and It is maintenance free

5)Adds aesthetic value to the installation location

6)Can be easily assembled/dismantled,easily moved from one location to another